Seminar topics and Evangelistic talks


Engaging with Generation Y,Z and beyond.

This seminar will help you think more clearly about generational culture and the importance of communicating God's timeless message within the cultural stories and icons of each generation. Develop skills to share your faith in a way that enters into and respects the world of the biblical illiterate, and thoroughly post modern; learn how to share the gospel without religious jargon .

Gillian draws on 15 years of High school ministry, and 30 years of working with youth in the surfing community.

Growing through stress.

Is stress an enemy to be avoided? A sign that you are inadequate or “unspiritual”? This workshop will look at stress as a “God-given response designed to equip us for living successfully in a tough world. Stress is only our enemy when it gets out of control.” This workshop will help you to develop ways to grow through stress, and will cover topics like: What is stress and how does it affect us; Managing symptoms and causes; how can we see things differently; how can we grow our coping capacity. The workshop will be challenging, biblical and practical with loads of humour thrown in!!

Gillian draws on ministry, marriage and hyper children for this one!!!

Handling Tricky Questions.

A 6 weekcourse that draws on Tim Keller’s book “The reason for God” for pre-reading. The course allows participants to think through their faith questions honestly, and empowers them to think through the biblical worldviewon tough questions. The course enables participants to discover helpful ways to communicate this worldview to those with faith questions on issues such as suffering; hell and judgement; Jesus as the only way to God; religion and war; and the reliability of the bible. 

How to read the Bible with integrity and understanding. 

The Bible was not written to us, but it was written for us. This 5 week course is designed to develop the skills required for reading an ancient text with integrity and rigour by understanding that the 'there and then' - who it was written to and why - determines how to interpret the text for the here and now.   



Coping with stress: Martha and Mary Luke 10

Stress is a part of life. This talk looks at how we manage stress, and challenges the perspectives that add to a more stressful than necessary life. 

The passage is referred to in terms of Mary’s ability to choose to go against the cultural norms in her life (religious, gender and family) in comparison to Martha’s resentment of Mary’s freedom, and her imposition of those norms on what she believed Jesus required of her. 

Dealing with Guilt: The woman caught in adultery John 8

A look at the strategies people employ to deal with guilt, and how God deals with the guilty. This talk tackles Gods character of justice and mercy, where forgiveness and mercy are at the core of his character and action in the world.

The sinned against: John 4 The Samaritan Woman

Jesus covers our shame, and offers life in abundance. He calls for an honest acceptance of our look at ourselves, our circumstances and how we got there, and in doing so we are able to see and accept his gift of love, life and freedom. 


Seeking God in an age of spiritual choices- Acts 17.

 Has God made himself clear? If there is a God how do we find him/her/it? What about all the other religions? How can I possibly experience all to discover what faith experience is best - is there some criteria to start with?

A helpful talk on why starting with Jesus makes good sense in a world of spiritual choices. 


Too good for God- Luke 15 The 2 lost sons.

A story of grace. A challenge to the “good people” who think their good morals and hard work makes them deserving of all things including God; a comfort to those who think their "mistakes" disqualify them from a relationship with God.

Jesus puts foward the that both sons are lost, distant from their Father – one was obvious. The less obvious - the older brother -showed how far he was from hi Father in his lack of mercy, love, and inability to acknowledge His Father’s grief. The Father is shown to be gracious and merciful, absorbing the injustice of 2 sons behaving badly.

Psalm 73 – honesty in the midst of the mess.

Asaph was having a hard time staying faithful when things were falling apart, especially when the faithless were having a ball!

This talk challenges us to be honest before God in the mess, and that from this place God can renew our perspective and our hearts.